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A visit from my California daughter precipitated a two night visit to New York, NY.

We hopped an Amtrak from Harrisburg, PA, at 8 AM with arrival in NY at 11 AM.

We stayed at a hotel katty-corner across the street from Penn Station.
Our first order of visit was One World Trade Center

and the 9/11 Memorial to which we took a cab and had our first NY cabbie experience.

There is no way to do the Memorial justice in photos. You just cannot shoot feelings. I have just five shots posted on my 9/11 Tribute page.

We had a late lunch at Brookfield Place across the street and stepped out onto Pumphouse Park

for a view across the Hudson River at Paulus Hook, Jersey City, NJ.

Our next stops were a cab ride to Chelsea Market, a short walk for hot chocolate and coffee at a Blue Bottle, and a walk back to Midtown and Times Square.

We were not in any rush Wednesday morning. After a bagel breakfast, we walked to a Blue Bottle on 40th Street across from Bryant Park for coffee.

The focus and highlight of our New York trip was the matinee showing of Holiday Inn at Studio 54. We were suprised (don't know why) by the line of people waiting to get in.

The theater was beautiful; the show was fun. Susan checked off a bucket list item - a "broadway" show.

I had read in a New York travel blog that the views of the city are better from the Top of the Rock (Rockefeller Center) than from the top of the Empire State Building, so after the show we walked to the Rock, paid our "pretty penney," and headed to the top.

5th Avenue

We had supper at Rosie O'Grady's on 7th Avenue and walked back to the hotel.

The hotel cleaning lady woke us up at 8:30 Thursday morning when she checked to see if our room was ready to be cleaned.

What is that all about?

We did get up and out by 10:30 for coffee from Gregory's and breakfast at Andrews Coffee Shop both on 7th Avenue. Our only "destination" was the Flatiron Building. Of course any options to shoot the Empire State Building are obligatory.

We walked the block east to 6th Avenue and Broadway and headed south on Broadway taking a few pictures along the way.

Greely Square

South on Broadway at 31st Street.

The Clock Tower at Madison Square Park,

the sculpture at Madison Square Park,

this dude feeding the squirrels at Madison Square Park,

the Empire State Building (again),

and the Flatiron Building.

We took umbrellas with us for this trip as rain was in the forecast. The only rain we had on this 68F day was a couple of drops as we left Madison Square Park.

On the way back to the hotel and our 4:00 PM train back to Harrisburg, PA, I snapped some architectural detail along 5th Avenue and Broadway. Those shots get their own page.