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Our Honeymoon Duex - Caribbean Cruise - The sail home.

The staff aboard the Constellation was fabulous. I suppose our room steward was working for a good tip when he started giving us towel scuptures for the trip home. We found the "lobster" on our bed when we got back from snorkeling on Friday. While I'm on the topic of staff and stuff, I'll make a few comments about the trip itself. Celebrity caters to a more mature crowd, so we felt like youngsters on this cruise. The opening show comedian remarked, "When they told me the cruise was going to be in the 80's, I thought they were talking about the weather." The ship was impeccably clean. As a matter of fact we had a hard time finding a trash bin when we had trash out on deck. Staff steatlhily followed where ever there were cruisers and cleaned up after them. We spent quite a number of evening hours in the Thallasotherapy pool. It was heated and chlorinated ocean water that provided a soothing and relaxing soak at the end of the day. Most mornings there was time between breakfast and debarkation, so we would go up to Deck 11 and walk a couple times around the track. Two of our favotire meals were the first Sunday and last Saturday brunches. These were served in the main dining room buffet style. The variety of brunch food was amazing and tasty. We loaded our plates, found a table to sit at, and had our drinks waitered to us.

The second of our formal dinners was Satuday night. Only Dale and Cheryl joined us as Jim and Elaine were at a Captains Club function and Dave and Paula had been invited to eat with some other cruisers. The appetizer, salad, and soup were good. We were dissappointed with both the lobster and beef Wellington. Dessert was Baked Alaska.

This snake greeted us when we returned to our turned down bed and night chocolates.

Many evenings found us in the Thallasotherapy pool at sunset and from where we saw sunset remnants through the windows. Satuday, we had enjoyed a spectacular, ship top (Deck 11) sunset prior to dinner. I didn't have the camera with me. Sunday we made a point of being ship top with a camera to savor our last evening aboard ship.

It was day three or four when we discovered Casual Evening Dining at the SeaSide Cafe. Of the nine nights aboard, we had dinner there five. Though we each paid an extra $2 "recommended" gratuity, we found the experience very worth the while. We dined in a more intimate and quieter setting. We set our own time and were done in an hour rather than the two or more it took to finish an evening dinner at the San Marcos Restaurant. This was our final dinner toast.

Our maitre'de took this picture and proudly announced to us how good he was when he saw the "star" reflextion over Susan's head.

We woke up Monday morning, December 22, docked back in Ft. Lauderdale with a beautiful sunrise and a final view of Deck 11 to greet us and see us away.

That was just the beginning of the final day of our Honeymoon (deux). Since our flight out was not until 4:30 PM we had prepurchased an Everglades Air Boat Excursion; and yes, there is a story here.