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Our Honeymoon Duex - Caribbean Cruise - St. Kitts

Tuesday we visited St. Christopher and Nevin. Our stop was on St. Christopher most commonly called St. Kitts. We docked at the capital city of Basseterre.

We had a prebooked excursion on the St. Kitts Scenic Railway, a narrow guage line built in the early 1900's for the transportation of sugar cane. We learned that the best way to avoid the "taxi sharks" was to have a pre-booked excusion. Though these are generally more expensive, they do serve a certain purpose. We were bussed to the north west corner of the island where we boarded the train for a narrated trip around the north end and eastern coast of the island of St. Kitts.

We enjoyed coastal views like this one as well as wild cane fields--sugar is no longer produced on the island--and goats and goats and goats. The island is also inhabbited by 80,000 monkeys. We saw one along our tour.

About two-thirds of the way through our excursion the little engine pulling the train broke a drive shaft. While stranded by this abandoned monestary, we enjoyed some of the fabled Caribbean "liquid sunshine."

It took about two hours for the railroad to send "busses" to pick us up and transport us back to the ship. It was close to embarking time when we got back, so we missed the opportunity to "buy something from the islands" while we were there.

We had just enough time to snap some ship shots. We just happened to be docked next to the Queen Mary II.

Our next stop, Wednesday, was Barbados. Click here for that story.