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Our Honeymoon Duex - Caribbean Cruise - St. Lucia

Is it possible that once you've seen one island you've "seen them all"? I had established the practice of taking an island shot from our stateroom deck by now. Here is the approach to Castries, St. Lucia, on the north west side of the island.

We had not done any Caribbean snorkeling yet and figured our time was running out to give the underwater view a shot. We opted for a ship arranged excursion and met the four man crew of our pontoon boat to sail south along the east coast. I don't remember the name of the bay where we stopped, but from looking at a map I'm guessing it may have been a cove south of Pitons Bay. We fell in love with snorkeling and have etched the beauty of the underwater world in our minds.

Though Thursday was a cloudy and windy day, the waters in Marigot Bay were calm and the vistas quintissential Caribbean. Marigot Bay is safe harbor and is used for docking during hurricanes. The properties along the bay are very exclusive and range in the $2.5 millions in retail value.

This was the first time we saw our ship from the water side. Celebrity's Constellation

And what set of ship shots is not complete without an exterior view of our stateroom porch. Ours is the one right in the middle of the photo. After stopping back on the ship for lunch we wandered into the Castries tourist trap. Two large markets filled with "tourist crap" were just a short walk from the ship. With little time to spare before our ship sailed, we braved the taxi sharks once more in search of the elusive souvenier.

Our last stop was St. Maarten. That story is next.