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Our Honeymoon Duex - Caribbean Cruise - St.Maarten / St. Martin

As the story goes a Danish military commander and a French military commander agreed to a peaceable division of this 37 square mile island. They agreed to meet on one side of the island (I didn't hear if it was the east or west) and each walk in the opposite direction. They would then draw a line betweent the starting point and the ending point to divide the island between the two nations. Whether it was the Frenchman's gin or the distractions on the Dutchman by a french maiden it is unclear, but the Frenchman walked farther than the Dutchman; so the Netherlands side on the south is smaller than the French side on the north. Travel between the two sides is unrestricted.

Having fallen in love with snorkeling at St. Lucia, we decided to do it again at our stop on St. Maarten. This Golden Eagle Island Tours catamaran met us at the dock and sailed us east and north into French waters to snorkel in a bay off a very small secondary island. Again, the images are sealed in our minds, but two highlights of the snorkel were a barracuda and a sting ray. The waters here were also filled with beautiful blue jellyfish.

The waters off St. Maarten/St. Martin were smooth. We sat on the edge of the catamaran...

hanging our feet above the water.

Of all our stops, St. Maarten provided the most pleasant shopping experience. We did not make it up to the French city of Marigot, but the Danish Phillipsburg was a great place to shop and hang out. We paid the $6 each fare for the all you can ride water taxi from the dock to town. The streets in Phillipsburg were wider and cleaner and shopping actually a pleasant experience. Not once were we hounded to hire a cabbie or step into a shop. We did find a jewelery store where Susan got a very nice 4.85Tw Round Citrine surrounded by .70Tw in brown diamonds ring.

We set sail punctually at 5:00 PM for our two days of ocean back to Ft. Lauderdale. Of course there is a story here.