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Our Honeymoon Duex - Caribbean Cruise - St. Thomas

Constellation docked at Charlotte Amalie, St. Thomas, as the sun rose Monday morning.

Rainbows would be a re-occuring theme during our trip. Perfect weather was punctuated with the occasional shower or "liquid sunshine." (Perfect should be qualified by the statement that weather is subjective. Most days were in the mid to high 80's and tropically humid.)

It did not take us long to find the aft deck outside the SeaSide Cafe where we had breakfast al fresco most mornings.

We chose to "do our own thing" on St. Thomas. We walked into the city where we immediately encountered Raymond the fireman who on his three days off each week does island tours. He was smooth and talked us into his tour. We had a couple hours to walk around town while we waited.

One of Charlotte Amalie's prominent features is this Lutheran church we stopped to see on our way to walk the 99 Steps.

We missed the bottom end of the street called 99 Steps, but found its top end and enjoyed a stroll down the more than 99 steps that form this formidable tourist attraction.

It was in Charlotte Amalie that we first met what we came to "lovingly" call the "sharks." People--taxidrivers, hustlers, merchants--who hounded us to provide us their "services." Raymond was the first of many. We were sometimes almost physically grabbed by the jewel sellers as we walked the main business street waiting for our tour departure time.

Our first tour stop looked out over the bay and port at Charlotte Amalie.

On the east side of the island we stopped to have a look at what National Geographic calls one of the 100 most beautiful beaches in the world. Magens Bay is goverment owned, a gift that prohibits development along the beach and acres of land south of it.

On our way to the "best" banana daqueri on the island, I decided we needed a record of our transportation. This is the back of Raymond's tour truck.

We stopped at Coki Bay just long enough to get our feet wet and snap a couple of bay pictures. We discovered that while island tours do give a quick view and history of the "entire" island they do not allow time to stop and enjoy anything in depth.

We were back on board ship for a late lunch. With dinner scheduled for 8:30 PM, we didn't mind eating lunch late. While I'm on the topic of food let me just say cruising is about the food. There was some kind of food being served just about anytime we wanted somewhere on the ship. Most of the time we ate at the SeaSide Cafe on Deck 10. This was the buffet were we had breakfast all but three mornings, where we always had lunch, and often had a mid afternoon snack. Our favorite breakfasts were french toast and eggs. We had our share of pizza. Lunches and afternoon snacks varied: sushi, pizza, snack sandwiches, pasta. We often had salad bar. We discovered early on that the desserts looked very much more appealing than they tasted.

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