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While working through the 365 Project I started in April 2011, I discovered the world of stitched panoramas. When 2012 started, I decided, even though I had not finished my previous project, to start another project, this one with 366 days (a leap year) all with photos that had at least three photos stiched together. Because the thumb nails take up quite a bit of bandwidth to load, I have divided the project into pages, one for each month. You will need to exit the "lightbox" at the end of each month and use the links at the bottom of the page for navigation. (Click on an image to enlarge. Click on the edge of an enlargement or use the right and left arrow keys to navigate through the album. Press "escape" to exit.) Since the photos were posted as they were taken, the last photo is at the top. To see the phots in the order they were taken, use the menu to the left and start at the bottom of each page.

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