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The Ten Commandments

1. Uses of the Law
2. Fear, Love, and Trust: comments on the First Commandment
3. The Second Commandment: God's Holy Name
4. Remember the Sabbath Day
5. The Fourth Commandment: Honor Your Father and Your Mother
6. Created in God's image: thoughts on the 5th Commandment (part1)
7. Created In God's Image - the 5th Commandment part 2
8. Holy: in the image of God
9. Marriage: Male and Female
10. Marriage: Be Fruitful and Multiply
11. Marriage: Two Become One
12. Marriage: The Bride of Christ
13. Protected by the Good Shepherd: Comments on the Seventh Commandment
14. Protecting Honor and Reputation
15. Content in Whatever Circumstance
16. ...or anything that is you neighbor's: Comments on the 10th Commandment
17. Showing Lovingkindness